Calgon Carbon is an acknowledged leader – nearly 75 years in production - in the activated carbon industry, including reactivation with complementary expertise in ultraviolet disinfection and oxidation, ion exchange technology, ballast water treatment, and liquid- and vapor-phase systems.

Calgon Carbon is a supplier of more than 100 types of granular, powdered and pelletized activated carbons as well as activated carbon cloth, used by thousands of customers around the world for water treatment, liquid- and vapor-phase purification, and other applications.

Granular Activated Carbon

World’s largest manufacturer of this environmentally responsible purification product.

Reactivation Services

Save money and trips to the landfill with the industry’s best source for carbon reactivation.

Powdered Activated Carbon

Works well in wet or dry injection systems and recognized as an effective solution for mercury removal.

UV Technologies

Light technology remediates contaminated water without the use of chemicals.

Ion Exchange

Separation technology to recover or clean high value materials.

Activated Carbon Pellets

Extruded carbon for use in gas phase applications.

Activated Carbon Cloth

Pioneer in cutting-edge textile technology for medical, defense, and industrial applications.


Industry-specific, global, and budget-friendly partners in purity.


Customized and world class dedication to meet your business needs.