Caffeine is a natural substance that is present in many food and beverage products.


The use of activated carbon is one method for decaffeinating beverages.

Calgon Carbon has developed specific activated carbons for different decaffeination methods that employ adsorption technology.

Granular Activated Carbon

Calgon Carbon has developed products that are specially designed for optimum removal of caffeine with minimal loss of flavor and product components (selectivity).

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Reactivation Services

CCC can offer safe and economical spent carbon handling and thermal reactivation in conjunction with fresh carbon supply and provide personnel and equipment to perform the carbon exchange on a turn-key basis.

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Ion Exchange

Calgon Carbon's ISEP® and CSEP® systems are used to continuously recover caffeine from feed extracts in coffee and other beverage processing applications.

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CCC can bundle the performance advantages of activated carbon with equipment (service or purchase) and related services, to provide a full turnkey solution to decaffeination.

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