Vitamins are critical to optimal health and overall wellness – providing critical functions ranging from boosting immunity, to strengthening bones, to healing wounds, to bolstering eyesight.

Calgon Carbon’s activated carbon products and ion exchange technologies help in the purification and recovery of these critical organic compounds.


An assortment of resins is used for refinement and purifications of vitamins. The ISEP® system allows the resins to be applied in a more economical manner, creating greater value in the individual processes. For Vitamin E ion exchange can assist in the separation and purification of tocopherols via CSEP systems.

The ISEP® System has also been used at a number of facilities for the acidification of Ascorbic Acid.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon can be used to decolorize and remove impurities from ascorbic acid. For Vitamin B Complex it is also used to purify inositol made from corn steep liquor. Activated carbon can remove proteins and other organic impurities from folic acid and remove organic intermediates from the production of synthetic niacin.

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ACTICARBONE® Wood Based Activated Carbon can be used during batch processing to decolorize product and remove impurities.

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is a cutting edge liquid purification, separation, remediation and reclamation technology.

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