PULSORB Activated Carbon

A rapid adsorbing powdered activated carbon with a high adsorbate loading capacity.

PULSORB Series of virgin coal-based powdered activated carbons are designed to provide a rapid rate of adsorption and high adsorbate loading capacity. These powdered activated carbons are exceptionally effective at removal of impurities including taste, color, odor and other organics from water, food and beverage products.

Features and Benefits:

  • Very fast diffusion kinetics and large volume of transport pores minimize contact time and improve the efficiency of adsorption
  • High surface area and large adsorption pores provide excellent decolorization and high loading capacity
  • Particle size distribution specifically designed to promote good filterability in most feed systems
  • Optimal mesh size ensures a rapid rate of adsorption
  • PULSORB products are Kosher certified and meet the requirements of Food Chemicals Codex (FCC)
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and meets or exceeds AWWA standards per specification B-600