Environmental Air Treatment

Preserving the environment is an important task, and keeping air safe and clean is fundamental to protecting life. At Calgon Carbon, we offer a broad scope of solutions to help the world breathe easier by removing contaminants and odors from the air supply.

Calgon Carbon’s extensive range of activated carbons and adsorption systems for air purification and environmental air treatment are designed to meet specific customer needs in a variety of applications.

Applications typically include the removal of organic chemical contaminants from industrial
air emissions, gas process streams, storage tank vents, internal work air environments, and soil remediation vents. Having the right carbon product is just one component of a complete air purification program. To ensure optimal performance of the carbon, Calgon Carbon has developed a complete line of adsorption systems, capable of treating air flows ranging from a few standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) to thousands of scfm, which can be quickly delivered and easily installed at any treatment site.

Environmental Air Treatment Interactive Guides

Typical Petroleum Refining Operation


Mercury Removal

Remove mercury emissions from flue gas streams in coal fired electric plants and boilers.

Industrial - Air Treatment

Control of organics emissions (hazardous, toxic or create nuisance odors) in petroleum and chemical plants.

Remediation - Air Treatment

Applied to vapor phase systems to effectively remove organic contaminants and prevent their discharge back into the environment during air stripping, soil excavation, and in situ soil extraction applications.

Organic Odors

For treatment of odorous emissions from storage tank vents, reactor vents, waste treatment plants and landfills.