Ultrapure Water

Industrial manufacturing, along with the food and pharmaceutical industry, may require process water that meets stringent purity and quality specifications - this is known as Ultrapure Water.


Ultrapure water is a commonly used term in power generation, electrical production, and food and pharmaceutical manufacturing to emphasize the fact that the water is treated to the highest levels of purity for all contaminant types. Some contaminants include organic and inorganic compounds, dissolved and particulate matter, and dissolved gases.

Granular Activated Carbon

Activated carbons can be used to remove chlorine and chloramines along with other organic contaminants and particles to ensure water with the highest level of purity as part of an ultrapure water treatment process.

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Reactivation Services

Calgon Carbon can offer safe and economical spent carbon handling and thermal reactivation in conjunction with fresh carbon supply and provide personnel and equipment to perform the carbon exchange on a turnkey basis.

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Ion Exchange

Water from various sources can be first demineralized by membrane filtration or ion exchange to reduce ionic impurities.

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CCC can bundle the performance advantages of activated carbon with equipment (service or purchase) and related services, to provide full turnkey solutions. Many times the equipment will be customized to fit the requirements of the application and customer site requirements.

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