Personal Protection Equipment

Calgon Carbon has been helping the world breathe more easily by providing high quality impregnated carbons for personal and collective protection filters for over 70 years.

Our activated carbons and activated carbon cloth provide personal defense solutions against potentially harmful vapors, gases, air particles and dust for use in personal protection equipment.

Calgon Carbon has been pioneering advances in personal and collective protection filters since 1942. Today, we supply the most technologically advanced, impregnated carbons for military, industrial, and laboratory markets. As new needs for personal protection emerge, we continue to develop new products and find innovative uses for existing ones.

Activated carbon provides an engineered surface on which to develop novel chemistries for neutralizing various contaminants. Depending upon the requirements of the application, activated carbons can be impregnated with a variety of metal complexes to remove a diverse range of contaminants. In the simplest terms, impregnated activated carbons do double duty. They first remove (adsorb) the contaminants from the air. The carbon then either holds the contaminants or reacts to render them harmless. This functionality for both physical and chemical interaction with contaminants makes impregnated activated carbons ideal for respirator and collective protection filter applications.



Leading-edge personal protective devices to reduce the wearer’s risk of inhaling hazardous airborne particles.


Advanced technology and filters that give a collective area protection from hazardous airborne particles.


100% activated carbon cloth can be used for protection against a wide range of chemical, biological or nuclear agents.