Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems are adsorption systems designed for the removal of dissolved organic compounds from water or other liquids using granular activated carbon.

The modular design concept allows for selection of options or alternate material to best meet the requirements of the site and treatment application.

Markets & Applications:

Municipal Water Treatment

Engineered Systems for granular activated carbon can help supply safe drinking water for global communities and play an important role in water reuse programs.

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Environmental Water Treatment

Our systems can be used in water remediation in order to remove contaminants from a water supply or for industrial wastewater treatment to prevent the migration of these contaminants into the water supplies. The systems also allow for adsorption of organisms in landfill leachate.

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Industrial Processes

Remove impurities for applications in liquid chemicals, water processing, ultrapure water, and bio-based chemicals.

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage companies may use Engineered Systems to help remove color, taste and odor from a variety of products and ingredients.

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Pharmaceutical companies can rely on activated carbon systems for the development of antibiotics and vitamins.

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Features & Benefits:

The pre-engineered designs assure that adsorption system function can be performed with the system as provided. The design has the benefit of Calgon Carbon’s extensive expertise and has been proven in numerous applications. The engineered package can be provided quickly and the system expedited through Calgon Carbon’s production capabilities.

Engineered System Product Offerings