Landfill Leachate Treatment

Landfills, and the contaminants they contain, can harm human health. Talk to the experts in Landill Leachate Treatment.

Landfill leachate treatment is necessary to remove various organics and contaminants that can have an environmental impact on groundwater and surface water, and in turn have a negative impact on human health. The chemical composition and content of landfill leachate can vary greatly between landfill sites.

Landfill Leachate Treatment Technologies/Solutions:

Granular activated carbon (GAC) in combination with biological pretreatment is a leading technology for the treatment of landfill leachate.

Granular Activated Carbon

Granular activated carbons remove organic chemicals and reduces toxicity in water to allow safe discharge into groundwater. It is highly effective for odor removal and for the treatment of soluble organic chemicals, pesticides, endocrine disruptors and other contaminants of emerging concern.

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Reactivation Services

Calgon Carbon offers safe and economical spent carbon handling and thermal reactivation (total destruction of the adsorbed organics), including RCRA Hazardous spent carbons, in conjunction with fresh carbon supply and provides personnel and equipment to perform the carbon exchange on a turnkey basis.

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Ion Exchange

Ion exchange technology removes the perchlorate, nitrate and hexavalent chromium from industrial wastewater.

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Calgon Carbon can bundle the performance advantages of granular activated carbon with equipment and related services, to provide a full turnkey solution to organic removal applications.

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