Food and Beverage

Activated carbons remove contaminants and impurities such as color and odor from sweeteners, food liquids, syrups, beverages, glycerine, and amino and organic acids.

Continuous ion exchange units by Calgon Carbon separate, recover, purify, and synthesize a host of materials, including high-fructose corn sugar from many food and beverage products.



Remove color, taste, and odor from cane sugars, corn syrup, dextrose, and fructose.


Caffeine removal with minimal loss of flavor and product components.


Purification via color and odor removal.

Brewing & Bottling

Purification of water, liquids and gases involved in the brewing and bottling process.

Acids/Chemical Purification

Decolorize and purify organic acids and amino acids from fermentation processes.

Ultrapure Water

Treatment of water having stringent purity and quality requirements.


Decolorize and remove impurities from vitamins and acids during the manufacturing process.


Used in cigarette filters to remove poor taste in the smoke.


Beverage manufacturers may need to remove color or undesired taste and odor compounds, and we have an array of products to accomplish these goals.