For more than 20 years, Calgon Carbon has been a global leader in continuous ion exchange technology, thanks in large part to the success and advanced performance of its Ion Separator (ISEP®)and Chromatographic Separator technology. Our continuous ISEP®/CSEP® technology is reliable, versatile, and cost effective compared to alternative technologies and fixed bed systems.

Markets/Applications Addressed:

As a pioneer in the development of continuous ion exchange systems, Calgon Carbon backs its equipment with decades of expertise in system design, installation and process optimization, and continually invests in improving the technology. 

Municipal Water Treatment

Calgon Carbon’s ISEP® systems are frequently used to remove harmful inorganics, such as nitrates and perchlorates, from drinking water. The continuous ISEP® system requires lower capital and annual operating costs, has greater reliability, uses less energy, has higher water recoveries and produces a more concentrated waste brine compared to reverse osmosis and traditional fixed bed systems.

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Environmental Water Treatment

The ISEP® continuous ion exchange systems feature the most efficient and cost-effective technology of their kind for perchlorate/nitrate removal. In addition to being easy to operate and maintain, these systems provide maximum nitrate removal while generating up to 90 percent less waste and using up to 60 percent less resin than traditional fixed bed ion exchange systems.

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Industrial Processes

Calgon Carbon’s continuous ISEP®/CSEP® system can be applied in a variety of industrial processes for separating, purifying, recovering, and synthesizing. The ISEP®/CSEP® system has been used in the production of inorganic, organic, and bio-based chemicals, as well as pulp and paper operations and fermentation applications.

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Food & Beverage

Calgon Carbon’s ISEP®/CSEP® ion exchange technology is used by many food and beverage processors for purification, decolorization, separation and deashing. Our technology is commonly employed in sugar refineries, corn wet milling operations, citric acid and lactic acid production, and a variety of other food processing applications.

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Metals Recovery

ISEP®/CSEP® systems are considered the most flexible and robust in this industry. They produce consistently high-purity concentrated product while enable mine operators to significantly reduce chemical consumption, water use, waste volume and resin inventories.

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Calgon Carbon’s ISEP®/CSEP® system have been successfully utilized in a number of medical applications including, but not limited to, antibiotic purification, vitamin recovery and intermediate processing for a variety of pharmaceuticals.

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Features & Benefits:

With over 650 installations in more than 40 applications, Calgon Carbon’s ISEP®/CSEP® technology continues to prove itself capable of economically solving complex processing problems. The counter-current flow of the continuous ISEP®/CSEP® system allows for a substantial reduction in media inventory, less chemical regeneration and water waste, and higher recoveries. The multi-port distributor is configurable for any number of processes from ion exchange, chromatography, adsorption to even media cycle testing. The ISEP® – IOVSB is Calgon Carbon’s latest offering in rotary distributors. The improved design maintains the advantages of the continuous ISEP®/CSEP® system, but precludes the need for a turntable allowing for greater flexibility, a smaller footprint and overall capital cost, and less maintenance and spare parts.


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