Municipal Water Treatment

As pioneers in the development of granular activated carbon (GAC), and ion exchange technologies, Calgon Carbon has been on the cutting edge of advanced municipal water treatment for more than 40 years.

Effectively Treating PFAS in the Water and Environment for Nearly 20 Years

Calgon Carbon is the unrivaled authority in PFAS removal from drinking water, combining our proven and effective products, processes, and testing programs with a team of professionals focused on safeguarding local water supplies. For nearly 20 years, we have been the industry leader in providing proven solutions for PFAS treatment of both drinking water and wastewater applications – offering ways to treat water everywhere from the source to the tap.

Experts Choose Experts

Our experienced and reliable experts are viewed as the gold standard. Through our advanced testing, pilot studies, and peer-reviewed research, it’s easy to see why “experts choose experts.” Our experienced team of reliable and industry-respected experts works closely with our customers to find the cost-effective solution best-suited for their specific PFAS sources and challenges.

It Starts with Testing

Our technical experts know that testing helps them determine the best treatment option. As a result, we perform more tests than any other manufacturer and have more capabilities than our competitors. Thorough testing determines the best course of treatment, including ion exchange or GAC.  This collaboration offers the most cost-effective investment process, enabling customers to avoid mistakes that could increase the cost and timeline for effective treatment.

An Extension of Your Treatment Team

We take pride in our team of 1,600 talented individuals across the globe, focused on delivering value through high-quality products and services – and you should, too, because these dedicated experts make up your water treatment team as well.  We specialize in on-site support, providing a host of top-notch field services to install and remove the carbon in the most efficient and safe manner – maximizing the customer’s economic benefits and minimizing disruptions to the operations. And, in the event you need us immediately, we can deploy response equipment, personnel and services on a moment’s notice.

Featured Case Study:

Calgon Carbon responds to Delaware community’s immediate need for PFAS water treatment. Learn more.

Product and Systems

Our products and engineered systems are found in water treatment facilities and industrial applications across the U.S and beyond.  These products and services, combined with expert and on-site support, give you the confidence that PFAS has been destroyed in the drinking water you provide. Learn more about what systems we offer and what might be best for your facility.

Granular Activated Carbon – Most Effective against PFAS

Multiple studies conducted by Calgon Carbon and independent laboratories show reagglomerated bituminous coal-based granular activated carbon, or GAC, provides the best and most cost-effective performance characteristics, which can lower the total cost of PFAS treatment by two to three times.

FILTRASORB® GAC, produced from bituminous coal, has demonstrated superior PFAS-removal capabilities compared to other carbons. Activated carbon is effective at removing many types of PFAS, including C4, C6, and especially the well-studied C8 compounds, such as PFOA and PFOS. Although the choice of PFAS treatment technology depends on many factors, our FILTRASORB® 400 GAC has proven to be an effective and reliable option for the removal of both short- and long-chain PFAS.

We offer a full range of GAC adsorption equipment and activated carbon products to treat PFAS to non-detectable levels (>99.99%). This simple and effective solution requires little operator involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about PFAS or the treatment of PFAS? We have the answers.  If you don’t see what you need here, contact us and we’ll make sure a technical team member gets you the answers you need.

There has never been more focus on municipal drinking water than right now. As the world’s largest manufacturer of activated carbon, Calgon Carbon has been helping towns and villages around the world treat and maintain safe drinking water in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way.

With 23 global offices and 17 manufacturing and reactivation facilities, we help municipalities throughout the U.S. and around the world meet evolving drinking water and wastewater regulations. Our “total solutions” approach for municipal water treatment combines the industry’s broadest portfolio of water treatment and purification technologies with comprehensive technical support and customized local services.

Regardless of the water treatment challenge, Calgon Carbon is uniquely equipped to engineer a solution that meets the specific performance and budget demands of your municipality. We offer technologies that can be used alone or in tandem to create customized water purification and wastewater treatment systems that meet the requirements of your community.


Municipal Drinking Water

Calgon Carbon's cost-effective technologies ensure tens of millions of people drink clean, safe water every day.


A wide range of capital and service equipment can respond to unique material requirements reflecting aggressive process stream conditions.

Water Reuse

Conserve precious water supply through activated carbon technologies to destroy soluble organic chemicals and contaminants.