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Kuraray Completes Acquisition of Calgon Carbon

“Today, Kuraray takes its carbon materials business farther than ever before with the addition of a global focus on activated carbon, activated carbon services, and filtration media. We are delighted to have the Calgon Carbon team joining Kuraray.   We believe that this complementary combination will enable significant synergies and growth opportunities, and we aim to further expand the business as one of our future core businesses.”

Mr. Masaaki Ito
Kuraray’s Representative Director and President

“This is an exciting beginning. For over 75 years, Calgon Carbon’s products, technologies, and commitment to our customers were the driving force of our business. And now, when combined with the support of Kuraray, there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

Randy Dearth
President and CEO
Calgon Carbon Corporation