CENTAUR has dramatically enhanced the ability to improve a broad range of manufacturing processes and environmental applications.

With enhanced catalytic properties, CENTAUR accelerates reaction rates, reduces chemical requirements and results in efficient conversion of reactants into products. CENTAUR is utilized in liquid phase for promotion of oxidation, reduction, decomposition, substitution, and elimination reactions.


CENTAUR is engineered to provide controlled catalytic activity. To ensure consistent product functionality, all CENTAUR carbon is manufactured to a Peroxide Number specification. The Peroxide Number provides a useful estimate of CENTAUR utility in a wide variety of potential applications. 

Municipal Drinking Water

Specific applications include chloramines and hydrogen sulfide removal from potable water along with hydrogen peroxide destruction. Additionally, CENTAUR is used in Residential POU/POE water filters to help meet regulations and market demands by:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal (liquid phase) where H2S in converted to sulfate to eliminate sour taste and odor in potable water
  • Decomposing chloramines in potable water faster than standard activated carbons
  • Acting as a dual-purpose media, providing both filtration and adsorption for treating surface water and groundwater sources in the production of drinking water
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Environmental Water Treatment

Applications include remediation, industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, and treatment of aquarium water.

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Environmental Air Treatment

CENTAUR activated carbon is used to remove hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur emissions from vents for VOC Remediation.

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Bottling & Hemodialysis

CENTAUR can treat process water in bottling and soft drink industries and is also used in dialysis treatment.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Catalytic Activity – Promotes a wide variety of chemical reactions where conventional carbons are not effective
  • Non-Impregnated – Eliminates sates concerns with exotherm, ignition temperature and disposal
  • On-Site Regeneration Capability – Reduced operating cost, extended service life
  • Thermal Reactivation Option – can be recycled and reused
  • High Conversion Rates – Efficient use of reactants
  • Simple Equipment design – Handles fluctuating inlet concentrations, replaces more costly technologies with a passive system
  • Faster Chemical Reaction Rates – Reduced carbon requirements, smaller equipment needed

Recycling and Reactivation:

Though CENTAUR is 100-percent freshly manufactured virgin GAC, it can be recycled and reused through thermal reactivation to restore its adsorptive capacity. This eliminates the costs and long-term liability associated with the disposal of spent GAC, and provides customers with a consistent, reliable supply of filtration media.