The Science Behind the Story: Shreddies

Way more than underwear...

Shreddies caused a social media storm when they announced they are expanding their garment line to include pajamas and jeans. While some of the puns used in the headlines may stink, users of Shreddies will not – thanks to Zorflex®, an activated carbon cloth that works wonders for odor control.

While Shreddies often gets a good laugh given the subject matter, it actually helps a lot of people with serious medical issues like Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and other digestive disorders by helping take away any embarrassment associated with these problems.

More on Zorflex

Zorflex is used in variety of applications. The cloth is still used for military and defense purposes for protective clothing, masks, socks, gloves, and decontamination wipes. Besides its ability to capture chemical agents, it is also flame retardant, sweat resistant, lightweight, and breathable.

Medical Use

Since the cloth protects against odors and contaminants, it is commonly used in ostomy bags to prevent uncomfortable smells and controls the release of gases, and it’s also used for patient and physician gowns and masks.

The cloth has antimicrobial properties that help capture, kill, and remove bacteria helping create a cleaner wound for improved healing. The material is permeable allowing it to capture exudate.

This FDA compliant material has shown positive results in clinical studies, and can be sold and used in the United States.

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