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Effectively Treating PFAS in Wastewater, Groundwater, Sediment and Soils

Calgon Carbon works with organizations of all sizes to ensure their wastewater and areas around their facilities are effectively treated for PFAS. We can treat not just water, but also the environment, offering PFAS treatment solutions for wastewater, air, process water, landfill leachate, and groundwater remediation. As the unrivaled authority for nearly 20 years, we have developed proven and effective products, processes, and testing programs with a team of professionals focused on ensuring your wastewater is treated, tested, and released back into the environment safely.

Experts Choose Experts

Your experts can lean on our experts. Through advanced testing, pilot studies, and peer-reviewed research, it’s easy to see why “experts choose experts.” Our experienced team of reliable and industry-respected experts works closely with our customers to find a cost-effective solution best-suited for their specific PFAS sources and determines the best remediation solution for each facility.

It Starts with Testing

Our technical experts know that testing helps them determine the best treatment option. As a result, we perform more tests than any other manufacturer and have more capabilities than our competitors. Thorough testing determines the best course of treatment, including ion exchange or GAC. This collaboration offers the most cost-effective investment process, enabling customers to avoid mistakes that could increase the cost and timeline for effective treatment.

An Extension of Your Treatment Team

We take pride in our team of 1,600 talented individuals across the globe, focused on delivering value through high-quality products and services – and you should, too, because these dedicated experts make up your PFAS remediation team as well.  We specialize in on-site support, providing a host of top-notch field services to install and remove the carbon in the most efficient and safe manner – maximizing the customer’s economic benefits and minimizing disruptions to the operations. And, in the event you need us immediately, we can deploy response equipment, personnel and services on a moment’s notice.

Featured Case Study:

Calgon Carbon provides ground support for Air Force base in Alaska.  Learn more.

Product and Systems

Our products and services combined with expert and on-site support give customer the confidence that their water is being treated effectively for PFAS.  These products and services, combined with expert and on-site support, give customer the confidence that their water and surrounding environment is being treated effectively for PFAS.  Learn more about what systems we offer and what might be best for your facility.

In addition, we provide emergency response equipment and services that can be deployed quickly to customer locations. Learn more about what systems we offer and what might be best for your facility.

Technical Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

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