Price Increase Announcement – Effective 12/01/2022

Due to a continued, prolonged, and extraordinary escalation in costs for raw materials, energy, transportation, labor and other continued inflationary pressures, Calgon Carbon will be implementing a product-specific price increase ranging from 15% to upwards of 40% on all activated carbon products, filtration media, and related equipment (dependent upon the specific product, raw material type, and services provided).  Producer Price Indexes have increased, consistent with Company cost escalations, and will be applied where relevant. These increases will be put into effect on December 1, 2022.  

Following a challenging and extended period of cost escalation during the pandemic, the global economy continues to endure extreme increases in costs and reduced availability of a broad spectrum of materials and services. Cost increases for bituminous coal, coconut char, and wood, the primary raw materials used for producing activated carbon, have been significant.  Energy costs are up considerably in the Company’s primary manufacturing countries. The cost of steel and other components used in large vessel fabrication continues to increase. The entire global supply chain has seen operating and transportation cost escalations.   

“Every part of our business has been touched by global inflation and cost pressures,” said Lisa Reese, Senior Vice President – Industrial Solutions and Diversified Applications for Calgon Carbon Corporation. “The high-cost conditions are inescapable and expected to continue throughout 2023, and there are no signs of relief. We are working extremely hard to mitigate cost impacts through contractual protection and cost-efficiency programs, but the inflation trend we are experiencing is unlike anything we’ve seen in decades.”

Jenalle Brewer, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and Drinking Water for the company said, “Our continued goal is to deliver our valued customers with the highest quality activated carbon products and services that they depend on for clean water, pure air, and sophisticated manufacturing processes. While we had hoped to avoid another substantial price increase, we simply cannot absorb the continued sharp rise in raw materials (mainly coal, wood, and steel), and energy costs, including both electricity and natural gas.”

Please contact your Calgon Carbon salesperson for questions regarding this price increase.