Alcohol Purification for Hand Sanitizers

Alcohol-based antiseptic and disinfectant products are more important now than ever. Calgon Carbon's purifying activated carbon and equipment reduces harmful and undesirable components from ethanol and isopropyl alcohol to improve product quality and help meet USP or FCC requirements.

Calgon Carbon’s experienced service representatives are providing activated carbon adsorber vessels combined with our life-sustaining activated carbon products to help you achieve your alcohol purification goals.

Effective during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued Temporary Policies for firms converting to provisional hand sanitizer production. These policies are available at the FDA website here.


The production of alcohols, and especially the production of ethanol by fermentation, often requires additional processing to meet USP or FCC grade requirements. Although ethanol and carbon dioxide are the main products of the ethanol fermentation process, volatile by-products such as aldehydes, acids, esters, and fusels are also formed and can negatively impact ethanol quality. These byproducts can be reduced by processing through granular activated carbon media.



Activated carbon is especially effective at removing higher molecular weight volatile byproducts which are passed into the distilled ethanol, but can be used to remove various undesirable compounds from ethanol solutions. Calgon Carbon recommends our service fleet of stainless steel adsorber vessels for ethanol processing, but other industrial adsorber vessels can be considered depending on the alcohol composition, process conditions, and treatment objectives.

Some resources are available below for the activated carbon and equipment products commonly used in alcohol purification application. However, you can use the Contact Us section above to contact your local Sales Representative and discuss the specifics of your process.


Activated Carbon

Calgon Carbon has developed granular and powdered activated carbon products that are designed for optimum removal of taste and odor compounds, organic byproducts, and other contaminants that could be present in the raw materials, or that form during production.

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Reactivation Services

CCC can offer safe and economical spent carbon handling and thermal reactivation in conjunction with fresh carbon supply and provide personnel and equipment to perform the carbon exchange on a turn-key basis.

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CCC can bundle the performance advantages of activated carbon with equipment (service or purchase) and related services, to provide a full turnkey solution to alcohol purification processes.

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