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Calgon Carbon Announces Opening of North Tonawanda, NY, Plant

PITTSBURGH, PA  –  06/03/2014

Calgon Carbon Corporation (NYSE:CCC) today announces the opening of its North Tonawanda, NY, plant. The facility will recycle or “reactivate” granular activated carbon (GAC), which is used in drinking water applications.

Customers, company officials and civic leaders were on hand for the June 3 ribbon cutting ceremony at the 12,500-sq. ft. building. The refurbished facility houses a dry feed system, screening tower, reactivation furnace, storage tanks, and packaging system.

“We are proud to work with Calgon Carbon on taking an existing asset and putting it to better use,” said the Honorable Robert Ortt, Mayor of North Tonawanda.

Calgon Carbon leased what was once a wastewater reactivation facility. In 2010, plans began to upgrade the facility to handle outside material used only for potable reactivation. Calgon Carbon is also leasing a 160,000-sq. ft. warehouse, located at 437 Bryant St., North Tonawanda to house production material. The plant became operational in March 2014, and currently employs 16 people at both the plant and warehouse.

The NSF-Certified operation will service customers east of the Mississippi.

The GAC products from the North Tonawanda plant help protect public drinking water against multiple threats. These threats include disinfection by-products and various organic contaminants, including contaminants of emerging concern, such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products that find their way into the drinking water supply.

The facility was designed to provide “custom” reactivation of GAC. Custom reactivation means GAC used by one customer is processed separately from the GAC of all other customers and subsequently returned to the originating customer. By choosing reactivation, customers avoid the need for more costly landfill or incineration options.

During the reactivation process, organic compounds that have been captured by GAC are destroyed by being subjected to high temperatures that, at the same time, restore the GAC to a usable state. This results in a cost savings for the customer over the use of virgin carbon. The reactivation/recycling process is also better for the environment, with a reduced CO2 footprint as compared to the manufacture of virgin activated carbon.
The custom reactivation process employed at the plant reduces both the cost of using virgin GAC, and also the carbon footprint associated with GAC utilization. To further advance its environmental sustainability practices, all of the packaging materials at the plant are recycled, and energy efficient lighting was also installed.

North Tonawanda joins the company’s other GAC reactivation facilities across the country, including  Columbus, OH, and Gila Bend, AZ. Calgon Carbon recently received the 2014 Excellence in Sustainability Award for its Gila Bend plant from the Arizona Manufacturers Council (AMC).

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