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PITTSBURGH, PA  –  09/11/2014

Calgon Carbon Corporation (CCC: NYSE) announced that the company and Palmdale Water District (District), have signed a 10-year contract under which Calgon Carbon will provide reactivation services to treat the District’s drinking water. The value of the contract will depend upon the amount of spent carbon that is reactivated annually, which is expected to be 1 million pounds.

The District is using granular activated carbon (GAC) in order to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule, which establishes maximum levels at which disinfection byproducts (DBPs) are permitted to be present in drinking water. The GAC removes organic compounds from the water, reducing the formation of byproducts that occur with the addition of chlorine. The District will be converting to Calgon Carbon’s high performance Filtrasorb400 GAC, which when spent, will be taken to the company’s facility in Gila Bend, Arizona for custom reactivation. The District has been using reactivated GAC for several years and expects to continue to realize significant savings under this new contract.

“This contract confirms Palmdale Water District’s commitment to the use of GAC as their primary means of compliance with the US-EPA’s disinfection byproducts regulations,” said Bob McLaughlin, Vice President of Calgon Carbon’s Municipal business unit. “The District’s willingness to enter into a long-term contract demonstrates their belief in the economic and environmental benefits of reactivated GAC for drinking water treatment.”

“Palmdale Water District is pleased to enter into a long-term agreement with Calgon Carbon for the supply of granular activated carbon (GAC) at the Leslie O. Carter Water Treatment Plant,” said Peter Thompson, Operations Manager for Palmdale Water District. “The District has invested in GAC as a critical piece in its strategy for current and future regulatory compliance.  To evaluate the most efficient GAC, extensive research and testing was performed on a wide range of GAC media.  In 2009, pilot testing of multiple types and gradations of GAC from a variety of companies began, and in 2011 the best of these were selected for full-scale testing.  In 2014, the completion of these full-scale tests concluded that Calgon’s Filtrasorb400 GAC provided superior removal of total organic carbon and would be the best overall value for our ratepayers’ dollar.  This contract allows Palmdale Water District to secure long-term regulatory compliance, produce high quality water, and significantly reduce operational costs.”

Palmdale Water District is located in northern Los Angeles County approximately 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles, serves a population of 115,000 residents, and has more than 27,000 connections. The District’s treatment facility produces up to 35 million gallons of water per day. For more information about Palmdale Water District, visit

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