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Hyde Marine Partners With A Rapid Compliance Company for Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment System

PITTSBURGH, PA  –  09/06/2016

Hyde Marine, a trade name of Calgon Carbon Corporation’s (NYSE: CCC) UV technologies, today announces a new, non-exclusive, partnership with Bactest, Ltd, allowing Hyde Marine to sell rapid compliance tools with their Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS). This partnership helps ensure ship owners using the chemical-free Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® BWTS are adhering to ballast water treatment standards and are able to demonstrate this compliance to Port State Control officers.

According to Mark Riggio, Senior Market Manager for Hyde Marine, who made the announcement as part of the company’s exhibition and attendance at the 2016 SMM Hamburg Maritime Trade Fair, September 6-9, the addition of Bactest further augments Hyde Marine’s commitment to providing a comprehensive ballast water solution for ship owners.

“As the IMO ballast water convention regulation moves closer to implementation, it will be important for ship owners to understand how to comply with ballast water requirements. With the addition of the Bactest Speedy Breedy® SeaSureTM to our portfolio, we will be able to provide owners a rapid tool to validate ballast water treatment.”

Riggio added the market has long questioned the robustness of Type Approval testing under the IMO G8. Owners are concerned about whether or not their equipment will perform for the life of the ship. Now they will have a way to monitor that performance and demonstrate that performance to any interested parties. “We have been working with the compliance community since the beginning, and it is good to be able to provide more than a paper guarantee that our system is working,” Riggio said.


Bactest, Ltd, based in Cambridge, UK, has developed an integrated ballast water testing system “Speedy Breedy® SeaSure™” that tests ballast water for microbial compliance to the D2 standard and inputs data from other ballast water testing equipment into a secure Ballast Water Log suitable for audit trail and transmission to interested parties such as port state authorities. Bactest has designed a secure output to allow this Ballast Water Log to be downloaded onto the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® system log to store the data and provide a one-stop log for regulators to assess treatment system performance.

Speedy Breedy® SeaSureTM is the only instrument on the market that can be used on ships or in port to test for compliance with the IMO standard for the 3 bacteria set out in the standard: Cholera, E.Coli and Enterococci. 

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® BWTS uses efficient filtration and ultraviolet disinfection to treat ships’ ballast water to prevent the spread of invasive species from port to port.

Hyde Marine is one of the world’s leading ballast water treatment (BWT) technology companies with more than 460 orders for its ballast water treatment system. Visit for more information.

Visit Hyde Marine at SMM Hamburg, Hall A1 – Booth 417 to see the units and learn how they will change the way ballast water compliance is viewed.

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About Hyde Marine

With more than 100 years in the maritime industry and pioneering development of ballast water treatment technologies, Hyde Marine, as part of Calgon Carbon UV Technologies, LLC, has become the leading U.S. manufacturer and educator regarding regulations, technologies, installation experiences, and challenges facing this sector. Since its initial launch in 1998, the Hyde GUARDIAN® BWTS has rapidly emerged as an industry leader featuring mechanical separation followed by UV disinfection – with more than 460 Hyde GUARDIAN units sold to date for installation in various ship types and sizes around the world. Calgon Carbon UV Technologies LLC d/b/a Hyde Marine.


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