Press Release

Calgon Carbon Collaborates with Sarah Heinz House Students on Corporate Video

PITTSBURGH, PA  –  02/17/2016

Calgon Carbon Corporation and students from Sarah Heinz House, a member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, collaborated to write, film, and produce a corporate video – which stars the students as employees of Calgon Carbon.

“Sarah Heinz House is a staple in our community that affords local kids a safe, nurturing learning environment,” said Amanda Mushrush, Calgon Carbon’s Senior Manager of Global Communications and Community Affairs. “We would be lucky to have children – such as the ones in the video, and the ones who worked behind the scenes – be part of Calgon Carbon in the future. They are this region’s next generation of leaders, and we were glad to give them the opportunity to both learn about the company, and teach others what it has to offer.”

“We want our kids to have an experience that not only supplements their education, but leads them to the right career down the line,” said Jennifer Cairns, Executive Director of Sarah Heinz House. “It’s so exciting to see what happens when they are given an opportunity to work with a company like Calgon Carbon. With just a little encouragement and guidance, they soar to new heights.”

The video, which was filmed at the company’s headquarters in Moon Township, PA, summarizes Calgon Carbon’s activated carbon and purification products, applications, and company mission. The students worked in tandem with OnMotion Media, a Pittsburgh video production company, to take a video from concept to production.

The video can be viewed at YouTube