Short-Chain PFAS

Calgon Carbon’s reagglomerated bituminous coal-based products will remove an array of PFAS including both long-chain and short-chain compounds.

CCC’s FILTRASORB GAC effectively removes short chain PFAS. Our reagglomerated bituminous coal based product will remove an array of PFAS including both long chain and short chain compounds.

Internal column studies conducted by Calgon Carbon have demonstrated very acceptable use rates for the removal of the C4, C6, and C8 perfluorocarboylate and perfluorosulfonate compounds from drinking water to non-detect levels.

Independent third party testing has also proven FILTRASORB to be effective for the removal of short-chain compounds. Further, both independent 3rd party and CCC internal testing have demonstrated coconut- and lignite-based GAC to be ineffective for short-chain removal.

In the U.S., the manufacture of PFOA and PFOS was phased out and replaced with new PFAS compounds, which are classified as “short-chain” compounds (these compounds contain 7 or fewer carbon molecules).